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 Legislative Tracking Service for New Jersey Legislative Tracking Service for Pennsylvania

Government News Network, the leader in legislative tracking tools and services for over 35 years, is proud to offer the very best legislative tracking services available anywhere (New Jersey) and (Pennsylvania).

Our proprietary state-of-the-art Web sites offer everything that governmental affairs professionals need to effectively monitor legislation:

Create and maintain bill tracking lists with the detail and flexibility that you need.

Be alerted automatically whenever anything happens to your bills, with a minimum of effort.

Produce desktop-publishing quality reports that you and your clients will love.

Keep your clients or associates informed in ways you never thought possible.

See important details about your bills that you never knew existed.

And much more!

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To request a free trial account for or, or for further information, please call 1-800-GOVNET-9 (468-6389) or click here.

Our reputation for accuracy, service and innovation remains unsurpassed, and our products enjoy the distinction of being the standard "tools of the trade" among the governmental affairs community. More lobbyists, trade associations, corporations, state agencies, law firms and individuals use GovNet legislative tracking services than all other alternatives combined!

Trenton Office: 154 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608
Harrisburg Office: Room 524 East Floor, Main Capitol, Harrisburg, PA 17120

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GOVNETNJ.COM is the culmination of over 35 years experience in serving the needs of legislative professionals of all kinds. Our comprehensive databases, combined with powerful, easy-to-use tracking tools, make the most extraordinary resource of its kind anywhere. More lobbyists, trade associations, corporations, state agencies, law firms and individuals use than all other alternatives combined!

GOVNETPA.COM, the newest addition to the GovNet family of services, is the most powerful, affordable and comprehensive legislative tracking service available for Pennsylvania legislation. Based on the same platform as our hugely successful service, is specifically tailored to the needs of Pennsylvania legislative professionals and provides an unparalleled resource for monitoring Pennsylvania legislation.


Comprehensive, Accurate Legislative Coverage

An enormous resource of legislative information, updated continuously every day: bill history, bill text (including the only source for bills in editable Microsoft Word format), committee agendas, board lists, public hearing notices, legislator press releases, Governor's news, fund raisers, voting records, nominations, legislator contact information, and much more.

Powerful Bill Tracking Features

Our unique tracking system allows you to track an unlimited number of bills and organize them into separate lists as needed (by client, subject, person, etc.) Additional fields such as position, priority, category and comments allow you to personalize your reports to fit a variety of needs.

Automatic Daily Alerts for Your Bills

Our exclusive Daily Alert feature scans the entire service for all new information affecting you, including news releases, meeting notices, schedule changes, actions, bill text, votes, sponsorship changes, bills in your favorite subjects, bill text containing your favorite keywords, and more.

Personalized Calendars and Schedules

Daily, weekly and monthly views of scheduled meetings and sessions, with your bills marked for easy reference. Create customized, personal calendars for any legislative day in a single click.

Exclusive Bill Progress Reports

See how far your bills have gone in the legislative process (including status and last date of action) with this unique, chart-like report.

Screen for New and Amended Bills That Affect You

Enter your favorite search terms once and be alerted automatically every day when new bills are introduced that contain your keywords. You will also be alerted when bills are amended with new language that contains one or more of your saved keywords.

Email Reports, Bill Text and Documents to Others

Send tracking reports, bill text, press releases, meeting agendas and other documents directly to your clients without having to save files and send them yourself.

Great-looking Tracking Reports

Create desktop-publishing quality tracking reports with proportional fonts, multiple columns, definable fields, and more. Reports can be created in both HTML (web page) and Microsoft Word formats.

Flexible Bill Sorting & Filtering Options

See only the bills you want, in the order you want! Now you can show just the bills that are scheduled, near the Governor (near passage), signed into law, recently introduced, etc. Bills can also be sorted in numerous ways such as last date of action, progress, date introduced, your position / priority / category, and much more.

Legislator Voting Profiles

See how one or more legislators voted on virtually any group bills by subject, date of action, keyword search, tracked bills, and more. You can even compare multiple legislators side-by-side, and/or compare their votes against your client's or organization's positions.

Extensive, Easy-To-Use Search Capabilities

The most powerful legislative search functions ever created! Search by keywords in bill text, sponsor, cosponsor, status, subject, date of action, date introduced, progress, action type, scheduled date, your tracking list / position / priority / category, and more. All search fields can be used alone or in combination, allowing you to do truly complex searches in just a few mouse clicks!

Full-Text Search in All Databases

Search the full text of news releases, meeting notices, fund raisers, Governor's news, etc. with our proprietary search engine. Documents with that reference your tracked bills are highlighted for easy reference.

Daily Newspaper Articles

Links to selected news articles and stories from online media sites around the state and beyond.

Exceptional Ease-of-Use

Hundreds of thousands of cross-referenced links make it easy to go exactly where you want to go. Features that would typically require many menus or sublevels are combined into simple, concise pages of related links and options.

Use it at the Office, Home, Anywhere

Access your tracking information no matter where you are, any time of the day or night. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

True Multi-User Support

Multiple users in the same organization can share an account, even if they are not in the same physical location. Information entered by one user is instantly available to all other users on the same account.

For more information or free trial account, call 1-800-GOVNET-9 (468-6389) or click here.

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